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Bardy, my 2 year old , 100 lbs, Lab/Blood Hound mix rescue, is a work in progress. Although he is the sweetest dog in the world, he’s been a real challenge. I hired Gary within a week of bringing Bardy home and it’s been the best decision I made in a very long time.

Gary is very patient, very reliable, great w/Bardy and, best of all, Bardy loves him! I know Gary is the right person for the job, because every time I mentioned his name, Bardy runs to the door to look for him. Every time Gary walks in, Bardy treats him as a long lost friend.



We cannot say enough good things about Gary Cimmino! We have three elderly cats, all of whom have chronic conditions. Gary has been great about helping with treatments, such as medication, wound cleaning, and giving subcutaneous fluids, eyedrops, and enemas. He comes when we need him, is on time, efficient, gentle with the cats, and fun to talk to.

Gary often stays here overnight when we have to be away, and he is just wonderful. He follows, to the letter, a complicated schedule of treatments and medications, will water my plants, and takes better care of my house than I do, it is cleaner when I come home than I left it! All this for very reasonable rates. And my cats love him, they come to greet him when he arrives, and will rest on his lap, purring, while we talk to him. We love him too!

Linda Skernick and Yves Feder


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